Warm Air Heaters

Warm air heating is a lost cost solution to heating large open spaces from warehouses and factories to showrooms, greenhouses and even churches.

You have a choice of three heating methods - cabinet heaters, suspended heaters and radiant tubes - each suitable for different applications depending on the area to be heated and space available.

The differences between each type of heater are explained below.

Heater Types

Cabinet Heaters

These offer low cost heating for large spaces, with a floor standing cabinet for easy installation and ducted vents on top to direct the warm air flow around the building. The basic version just has directional grille vents on top inplace of the ducts to create a free blowing system.

Available in several sized to cope with large and smaller premises, the units can run on Natural Gas, LPG, Oil and Kerosene, you just choose the fuel type when ordering.

Balanced flue systems for Natural Gas and LPG can be installed in smaller buildings with the advantages of smaller flue sizes and you can have a room sealed combustion circuit.

Most suitable for Commercial Buildings, Large Stores and Greenhouses

Warm Air

Suspended Heaters

The main advantage of suspended heaters is they take no floor space.

Available in gas and oil models, the warm air can be ducted as needed, with a power rating to suit your needs.

Suitable for a wide range of buildings - Factories, Warehouses, Workshops, Garages, Greenhouses, Showrooms, Gyms and other large commercial buildings.

Radiant Tube Heaters

These heaters are also suspended with a small profile. The long lengths enable large areas to be heated for relatievly low running costs.

As they heat people and objects (radiant heat) there is no build up of warm air in the top of the building heating nobody. With no air movement, fans etc radiant heaters are much quieter than ducted warm air heaters.

Perfect for heating small areas within a large building eg a packing station in the corner of a much larger warehouse.

Most suitable for Retail Areas, Showrooms, Greenhouses and spot heating within a larger property.

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